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We design success!

Website Design

Standards Compliant, Search Engine Friendly!

Our Goal is to provide high quality, cohesive designs and guaranteed products that increase your visibility and profit.

Our sites are custom coded individually... No templates.

We carry that goal to Website Design using the latest standards for full browser and cross-platform compatibility. Our prices are competitive and very good value for money. We firmly believe in the quality of our service. Our specialty is creating fast loading websites that get your message across in a user friendly, accessible fashion, and get listed in search engines. We won't try to sell something you can't afford or don't require. If you need special options such as database design, shopping cart or cgi programming, our prices are very competitive in those specialties also.

We use the latest versions of website coding (XHTML & CSS) to ensure that your website will be fast, efficient, easily maintained and will work without modifications for the foreseeable future. Click on one of the images below to see for yourself.

We like to make our graphics attractive, but we make them with minimal bandwidth usage in mind, using the best optimization techniques available. We even include most of the graphics required to build your site's home page in our starter package. We want you to look good.

We also hate spam and use a special script for your contact and order forms that hide your email address from Spam-Spiders.

If you don't already have a domain name (URL), we'll help you find one, or you can search for an available name here. Limit your selections to .com, .net, .biz, or .org for best results.

We'll host your web site on our servers and provide basic site maintenance for $29.99/mo or match your current price with a copy of your invoice. We'll keep your domain registered for $29.99/year. Our standard fees for design/coding/maintenance are $50.00/hr.

Standards Save Bandwidth!

Whatever the product: from logos, stationery and brochures to packages, posters, labels and websites . . .

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